Find Government Construction Contractors in Herndon, VA

Find Government Construction Contractors in Herndon, VA

We strive for safety and quality in everything we do

Don't trust your government project to just any construction company. Bear Construction Group, Inc. is one of the top government construction contractors in the Herndon, VA area. We have a proven track record of completing government construction projects on schedule and on budget.

Our clients have included:

  • The United States Army
  • The United States Department of Energy
  • The United States Department of Justice
  • The General Services Administration

Why choose us over other government construction contractors? We're a veteran-owned company that values hard work, honesty and integrity. Whether it's a roof replacement or parking lot construction work, our team will go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right.

Trust us for any government construction job

The construction team at Bear Construction Group has the skills and experience needed to handle just about any task. We treat every project, from balcony leak repair to parking lot construction, with the utmost importance and never lose sight of quality.

We've proven ourselves time and time again with some of the most challenging construction projects for high-security clients in Herndon, VA. You can rest assured that we're the right team to handle your project. Call 703-473-0101 now to schedule a consultation.